2023 Tektro Cycle Club Challenge

May 04, 2023

After the lifting of pandemic restrictions, domestic and international travel has finally reopened, and Tektro is once again offering diverse travel packages for everyone to choose from, such as trips to Osaka, Seoul, Kinmen, Hualien-Taitung Valley, and more themed itineraries. However, among these varied activities, the senior members of the company also wish to organize a travel event related to their own products.

Therefore, in 2023, Tektro Bicycle Club will host the first "Tektro Westward to Wuling - 2-Day Cycling Tour," leading 42 colleagues from Taiwan and China offices to challenge Taiwan's highest road summit on bikes.

The Homeland of Sea of Clouds - Wujie Tribe Tour

A two-day, one-night travel itinerary begins with a relaxing visit to the natural wonders of Nantou - Wujie. On the first day, we will take everyone on a leisurely walk through the tribal market and the breathtaking Momo Nala Waterfall.

The Hidden Valley Coffee X Tea Fragrance Manor

After a refreshing two-hour morning hike along the forest trail, everyone's feet were a bit tired, and it was time for some afternoon tea to reward themselves for their efforts.

Just a 30-minute drive away, we arrived at a hidden gem in Nantou - the Lu Gao Coffee Estate. Nestled amidst the surrounding mountains, this estate is a feng shui treasure. It is surrounded by plantations of Nantou's famous black tea and coffee trees. The estate's well-designed coffee house is strategically positioned at the highest point of the area, featuring large floor-to-ceiling windows that bring the expansive outdoor views inside. Guests sitting indoors can enjoy their meals while feeling as if they are in the serene countryside of Europe.

The closest bicycle road to heaven - Wuling Summit

At 5 o'clock in the morning, colleagues geared up and eagerly awaited the start, with the CEO leading the way. The cycling teams were divided into two groups: [Puli→Wuling] and [Cingjing→Wuling]. To motivate the participants further, the CEO added a special "King of the Mountain" award!

Throughout the route, there were support vehicles available to take care of any unexpected situations, whether it be a flat tire or hunger pangs. The staff from the Bicycle Club were there to protect and assist everyone along the journey.

To ensure that even those with less cycling experience could join the Wuling challenge, the company prepared electric-assisted bikes for the uphill sections, enabling everyone to fulfill their dream of conquering Wuling's summit.