Q: Where can I find the Service and Installation instructions for my Tektro components?

. You can find the instructions from the site of Total Solution-Download.
. All Tektro products in a box have service instructions included.

Q: What should I use to clean my disc brakes?

Isotropy Alcohol is the best choice for cleaning Tektro disc brakes. It cuts through the mineral oil, grime, brake dust, dries quickly and leaves no residue.

Q: How can I prevent my disc rotors from rubbing while I'm coasting or pedaling?

In most cases, this scenario is due to incorrect installation to the frame/fork or a lack of maintenance. Check to see if the calipers are properly bled and positioned correctly, the rotors are perfectly true and frame's suspension links are all in good condition. It is highly recommended that the mounting tabs on the frame and fork have been properly spot faced to ensure accurate alignment with the rotor. Because bicycles are designed to be light as possible, it is unavoidable to have small flex in the frames and wheels while riding. This small flex may be enough to make your rotor rub when you're coasting or pedaling. Depending on the riding conditions, disc brake calipers need cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis. Wet and muddy conditions will require a more frequent service interval than dry riding conditions. Also, inspect the disc brake pads for wear. Replace the pads when the pad material has worn to a thickness of 0.5mm or less.

Q: Can I use any mineral oil in my Tektro disc brakes?

No, Tektro disc brakes are designed to be used with only Tektro brand mineral oil. Tektro uses a special additive to increase the temperature range and red color for ease of identification.

Q: Where can I purchase replacement parts for my Tektro components?

You can use the distributor located on this site to find the distributor in your country and check with them to find the dealer shop to near you.

Q Where can I find exploded views and instructions for Tektro components?

Right here on the Tektro website, linked from each Product's page, you will find the Technical Docs heading, which contains exploded views and instructions.