E-Bike - Hydraulic Disc Brake With Sensor Control Design

◆ Open System, Dual Piston
◆ Sensor Control Designed
◆ Design For Recumbent Or 3-Wheel Bicycles
◆ Easy Installation, Adjustment And Maintenance.



    Rotor Wave type (TR180-1)
    High heat dispersion & heat tolerance
    Diameter : Ø180mm
    Also available : Ø203mm
    Lever Forge aluminum lever
    / Cast aluminum bracket
    Adjustable angle reservoir tank
    Lock Device Mechanism
    Two pieces hinged bracket
    2.5 finger blade
    Integrated horn switch
    Finish : Black   
    Caliper Forged aluminum body
    Free angle of hose connector for
    varied frames
    Easy pads replacement from top
    Finish : Black  
    Pads High performance metal
    ceramic compound
    Upload replacement 
    Available A11TS durable sintered pad       
    Fluid Non-Corrosive Mineral Oil
    Excellent Heat Expansion Properties
    Weight Front wheel - 298 grams
    Rear wheel - 317 grams
    (Exclude rotor, adapter & mounting bolts)